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Russia 2018: Original World Cup Trophy Arrives Dakar, Senegal

The World Cup Trophy is in Dakar. On the occasion of a world tour, it was Senegal’s turn to welcome this jewel of football, Sunday, March 11, 2018. An event held in the presence of the Senegalese Minister of Sports Matar Ba, the national coach Aliou Cissé, and the president of the Senegalese Football Federation, Augustin Senghor among others, who brought it to the palace of the Republic.

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“Do not limit yourself” Macky Sall
Yesterday, President Macky Sall welcomed the trophy with pride and ambition. “I wish our national team a very good participation. I hope she brings us back the World Cup. We must not set limits. ”

As if to stimulate warriors in combat, the Head of State reminded the lions that they must participate in this world competition with the conviction to win it. “You have to believe in yourself. As those coming from the biggest teams in the world, Europe, Latin America, because you are the ones who animate these big championships. Africa must win the World Cup. ”


In addition to the World Cup, Macky Sall puts on the table a second goal to achieve, namely the 2019 Africa Cup. “Again, I think this time, will be good. That Senegal, finally, can win the African Cup, I spoke a lot with you Aliou, and I count on you and your team. ” He puts the pressure on the coach of Lions, Aliou Cisse.

Senegal makes its arrangements
For their participation in the World Cup, the President of the Republic ensures that all arrangements will be made to put players in appropriate conditions. Moreover, he does not reject the religious aspect to bring the trophy back to Senegal. “I appeal to the religious. May the Muslims pray. Salatoul Fatiha, Salatoul Ala Nabi, all kinds of prayers that can bring us back the cup. May Catholics also do ” Our Father ” and any other prayer in churches and everywhere. Those who, also, do other things, do what they know how to make the cup come back.

The Head of State does not mince words. He reminds players that they must be worthy to wear the label of a lion. He invites them to show anger and determination.

“They must show the character of a lion. Because a lion does not fear anything. So we must not fear any team. Because it is they who play in the championships of these countries and dazzle whites. So when they are in the national team, they have to show what they are capable of, that is to say, to bring us the cup.


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