Royal Menu: This is the Food that the Royal Family Never Eats

The Queen of England Elizabeth II is subject to a strict diet. Seafood, rare meats or spicy dishes are thus excluded from the menus of the British Royal Family. And this, in order to avoid food poisoning.

When it comes to the food of the English royal family, the conventions are numerous. There are several parameters that come into play, to allow the queen to be in the conditions required for her many trips. For this, a food is even totally forbidden at the table of the royal family



This food that has no place at the table – or at least in official ceremonies – of the British royal family is garlic! And there would be two reasons for that. Firstly the Queen, herself, hates garlic. And the other reason was given by Camilla Parker Bowles during an Australian TV show. The Duchess of Cornwall explained that the purpose of the ban was to have fresh breath in all circumstances.

This version is confirmed by Darren McGrady, the chef at Buckingham Palace. He said never serve dishes with garlic or too much onions.

Also recently, the British daily The Sun  also revealed a list of forbidden foods on the meal menu of the royal family. These are the seafood, shrimp, oysters, crab, and rare meat. There are also seasonal products.


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