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The Rotten Plantain Called “Klaklo” Could Give You Cancer, Avoid Eating It!!

A former dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Ghana, Legon, Professor George Tawia Odamtten warned the public against the consumption of plantain purée “klaklo”, made of balls and fried in very oil hot.

He said that even if eating the “klaklo” is not bad, the way it is prepared with a plantain wall that is almost decomposed or rotted can cause cancer.

Professor Odamtten said this at a public conference on “Plant diseases, culture and food security in Ghana”, organized by the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Accra.

He said mushrooms that affect plantain pose health risks to those who consume them and could affect their lungs that can develop cancer.

He also explained that since women who sell plantain want to avoid losses, they sell decayed or rotten plantain to those who prepare the klaklo.



“The” klaklo “that we all enjoy is mostly prepared with a plantain wall but buying rotten plantain to prepare it is what I do not encourage ,” he said.

He advised those who are preparing the klaklo to use a mature but not rotten plantain in order to avoid endangering the health of the people.

“There are so many food products on the market that are sold specially to food vendors. Stakeholders should support farmers by giving them fertilizers and insecticides to prevent crop diseases , “he said.


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