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Ronaldinho Pictured Doing the Unthinkable; Drinking and Signing Autographs in Paraguay’ Jail

Image result for Ronaldinho Pictured Doing the Unthinkable; Drinking and Signing Autographs in Paraguay' JailBrazilian football legend Ronaldinho has been spotted drinking and signing autographs in Paraguay prison after been arrested for entering the nation with fake passport.

Ronaldinho was not the only one arrested by the Paraguay police as his brother Roberto was also taken to jail for the same thing the former Barcelona star was accused of.

But the World Cup winner seems not to be worried with his current situation inside the prison and has taken his time to chill with other inmates.

The former AC Milan star signed some autographs for some inmates and was also seen drinking happily inside the prison as he awaits his judgment.

Ronaldinho was invited for a special program in Paraguay with his brother and he was in the hotel before policemen stormed the place and questioned his entrance to Paraguay.

It was later discovered that the passport Ronaldinho used to board his flight was fake and he was however accused and charged.

The 39-year-old may not have known that he was carrying illegal passport before he traveled based on the fact that it was made for him.



But the authorities in charge are not considering such excuse which made them to lock the Ballon d’Or winner up in prison.

According to the report on UK Sun, Ronaldinho’s lawyers begged that the Brazilian should be given an house arrest rather than him sleeping in the prison.

His lawyers however stepped up processes to get their client freed, but all their pleas and offers met the deaf ears of the judge who refused to grant Ronaldinho a bail.

The judge refused to grant their prayers claiming that investigations must continue for them to come out with a proper judgement.

Ronaldinho could have been given a bail, but the judge feared that he may fly out of the country which will make the prosecution useless.

The designer of the artwork made it so perfect exactly with the appearance of the Brazilian football legend who was known for his great skills during his playing time.

A ball was placed on the forehead with the eyes pointed upwards which was exactly how Ronaldinho used to play football before he retired.

Ronaldinho posted image of the artwork to more than 51 millions of his followers on Instagram in which was really appreciated.


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