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Ronaldinho: Brazilian Legend Learns Carpentry in Prison While Awaiting Trial for Using Falsified Paraguay’ Passport

Brazilian legend, Ronaldinho, is really having a good time in a Paraguayan prison as he is learning new things.

We sighted a report which indicates that the former Barcelona star is learning a new craft in prison.

According to the report, Ronaldinho is learning carpentry while awaiting his trials in Paraguay.

Ronaldinho: Brazilian legend learns carpentry in prison

Ronaldinho: Brazilian legend learns carpentry in prison
Source: UGC

The two-time FIFA Player of Year winner was arrested for entering Paraguay with a fake passport.


Having played in an in-house football tournament, ESPN says Ronaldinho is now doing woodwork with other inmates.

Paraguay footvolley player Fernando Lugo said the former Barcelona forward didn’t stop smiling when visiting him in prison.

Earlier, we reported a story of how Ronaldinho replicated the goal-scoring instincts of his heydays in football while in a Paraguay prison after footage showed the former Barcelona star hitting the back of the net for his side during a bi-annual futsal tournament.

The Selecao legend helped his side thrash their football opponents in the Paraguay prison.

He got involved in a game at Agrupacion Especializada, scoring five and assisting six in his side’s 11-2 win over their opponents.


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