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Role Of Islam In African Destruction , How They Were Defeated And Retreated To The West..

In a quest to grow their religion around the world,  Muslims set their sights on the African continent. Muslims moved in to Africa around 639 B.C.  and began attempting to establish an Islamic State by using force.They mostly inhabited present day Benin, Egypt, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and the Sudan

They moved across North Africa which was inhabited by the African Cushites, Nubians and the original black Egyptians. The North African region was viable trade route and flourished greatly before the Arab invasion.  Prior to the establishment of an Islamic State, Egypt was ruled by the Byzantine Empire.

Muslims dominated Africans by establishing institutions that advanced the oppression of Africans. The Islamic state created an army to force Africans into submission. After conquering a tribe or group of people they often took the land and replaced African traditions and customs with Islamic ones. If the conquered communities wanted to practice their own religions, they were forced to pay a burdensome religious tax.  This tax payment was known as ‘Jiziya’.


Contrary to popular beliefs about Africans, they did not just sit around waiting for the Islamic state to subjugate them. Rather, African armies launched remarkable resistance. Notably, Muslims were defeated at Dongola in 641B.C .and again in 651 B.C. forcing them to acknowledge the military superiority of the Christian Nubian state. The defeated Muslims were forced to retreat west.

Currently, there is a movement among Muslims to try and rewrite history by portraying Islamic slavery as better than the European slavery of Africans. However, Slavery was an atrocious and savage practice and there can never be a better type of slavery. Millions of African women were raped by Muslims as the sought to create an Islamic state in Africa. About 60% of African males who were made eunuchs in the Islamic state died from bleeding during the brutal castration process and the surviving men became slaves of the Islamic state.


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