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Roger Federer Soon to be the First Billionaire in the World of Tennis

Roger Federer should reach, by the end of 2020, the billion dollar mark of gains. It is the magazine “Forbes” and the site which confirm it. He will join Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Floyd Mayweather on the charts.

Roger Federer would be “the first tennis billionaire” in 2020 and will only be the fourth sportsman to join the exclusive club of the richest athletes of all time after Jordan, Woods and Mayweather.

The Swiss tennis legend made his fortune through a combination of cash prizes and recommendations with a range of global brands.

According to, Federer has already earned £ 689 million, and an additional £ 153 million will be guaranteed by sponsorship contracts agreed to in the months and years to come.


ATP figures indicate that Federer has raised $ 98 million in prizes for the singles and doubles tournaments. He also made money in major competitions and participated in a South American off-season exhibition tournament that brings in £ 7.6 million a year.

But claimed that it was his commercial success away from the tennis court that helped him amass his fortune with sponsorship deals with brands such as Rolex, Uniqlo, Credit Suisse and Mercedes Benz.

Forbes also reported that Federer’s annual income had reached a record level of £ 80 million. The figure represents a considerable increase from the £ 59 million he estimated he earned in 2018.

Federer’s three-year sponsorship with Uniqlo, which he received in 2018, is said to be worth £ 23 million a year, and the 20-time Grand Slam winner previously had a multi-million pound contract with Nike.


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