ROBOTSCHOOL Opens In June To Train Namibian Kids

Technology is beginning to gain ground in the World today as most of our daily life activities are hinged on one form of technology and how it makes our lives better. At the World Economic Forum, it was stated that for most of the younger generation most jobs have not yet been created.


This is why Bjorn and Kirstin Wiedow have created a platform, ROBOTSCHOOL, which will be launched in Windhoek in June 2018 to help kids learn about robotics hardware and software. The duo hopes that students of the program will work towards contributing to the direction of change which the World is steering towards.

In a statement, Wiedow said “Building a foundation in the fundamentals of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) fields is the basis every child needs; we believe that kids as young as 6 years old should have access to a creative and engaging environment where they can learn about the inner workings of the tools they are so accustomed to and use through every touchpoint of their lives; applying critical thinking and, thereby, becoming the problem-solvers of tomorrows glitches”.

Kids who start the training at the age of 6 will first learn the basics of programming before moving on to coding on Python. At the final year of the programme, the students will now work with high-level programming synonymous with robotics and earn a Master Certificate just at a young age of 13.

Deborah Ajibola who is a founding instructor at the school is a NUST Software Engineering Honour degree student and has been running robotics classes over the past year with FABlab.


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