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Robotization: These 3 Professions May Soon Disappear or Be Replaced By Machines – Study

If you do not have a job yet, now is the time to choose. There are several professions subject to the phenomenon of computerization, empowerment or robotization.

In clearer terms, some workers may be replaced by machines. According to a study by Carl Benedict Frey and Michael Osborne of the University of Oxford, 47% of trades will be concerned in about twenty years. Today, we offer you the Top 3 of these professions, with over 90% chance.

1- Legal Assistant (with 98% chance)

According to Oxford researchers, “automation is no longer just about repetitive tasks”. Because of Big Data, they concluded that “sophisticated algorithms are gradually taking over some of the activities of paralegals. Law firms today rely on computers capable of scanning thousands of legal documents and assisting them in the preparation of trials. ” In addition, a French start-up has set up a virtual assistant Julie Desk, who makes appointments and proposes places.

2.  Accountant (94% chance)

Close-up Of An African Businessman Doing Calculations Using Calculator

Revolution is the time when men calculate with a pen and a leaf. Now they manage accounting with software, where they enter the data and everything is ready. The areas least accessible to robots are those that demand human sensitivity, such as artistic sense, persuasion, originality, negotiation, social clairvoyance, manual dexterity and assistance to others. All the rest can be replaced, let alone the frozen sciences.

3- Server (94% chance)

As hard as it may seem, the server business is on the sideline. Although a smile can be part of the service, there is a robot restaurant in San Francisco. It has been open since 2015, and the customer just has to order on a tablet so that his meal is served in a transparent locker that opens thanks to the tablet.


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