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Robert Mugabe-UN: The World’s Oldest President Reportedly Asks The Hands Of Obama’s Daughters For His Two Sons!!

This news made the waves sometimes last year and we thought it worth reading again. Sometimes around September last year, in preparation for a prelude to the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe went with his two sons, ministers, government officials and his wife Grace …


Robert Mugabe, who had asked the then American president the “promoter of homos’exuality”, according to his words, to come first to have an intimate relationship with him before he legalizes “marriage for all” in his country, comes from To offer her two sons (picture) to marry Malia and Sasha.Mugabe son | How Africa News

Mr. president, he said I doubt that your girls marry tomorrow and girls, I see my son be good husbands for your daughters. So, you and I, instead of getting married, we could marry our children.

Malia and sasha obama | How Africa News

It would be a good sign of reconciliation between our two Nations and between you and me. You will then know if your tolerance is not of facade. Is not it ? Do not one judge a mason with a hard wall?

The ball is on your side!


Will Malia and Sasha live in Zimbabwe?

Although the list of banned individuals to stay in the West, Mugabe can still attend UN meetings in these countries, since the country is one.

His wife Grace has always denounced this decision because their son Robert Junior will never realize his dream of playing in the United States, nor live there with his sweetheart Sacha because of his sanctions.

“We had to explain to him that he will never be able to join a club or play in the American university league because of the sanctions. It was a blow for him but now he understands what it means to be the son of President Mugabe, “said his mother Grace in 2012.


In his speech Monday after the adoption of the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants, Mugabe denounced the management of the current refugee crisis by Westerners.

Image result for mugabe his speech in new york

“We found that a large number of refugees who landed on European shores came from countries in conflict such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria,” he said.

“Most often, member states have been inclined to force rather than peaceful means.

This doctrine and hegemonic military adventurism, fueled by the desire to protect the interests of powerful nations is the root of the proliferation of armed conflicts that have given rise to so many refugees today. “

This speech will not improve relations between Washington and Zimbabwe!

Will Obama follow up on his request?


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