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Robert Mugabe Threatens To Fire His Deputy As Grace Is Heckled At Rally

He accuses his deputy of causing divisions in the ruling Zanu PF party.
This comes after Mnangagwa’s supporters heckled First Lady Grace Mugabe at a tense Zanu PF youth rally in Bulawayo.

Mnangagwa — who was present at the event — remained quietly seated as the first lady hurled insults at him.

File: Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe is threatening to fire Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa. This comes after Mnangagwa’s supporters heckled First Lady Grace Mugabe at a tense Zanu PF youth rally in Bulawayo. Photo: REUTERS / Philimon Bulawayo

Grace Mugabe said: “If you were given money to boo me, go ahead, boo, I will say it and I don’t  care I will say it. I am the First Lady and I will stand for the truth. Let me tell you this, bring soldiers with guns to shoot me – I don’t care. I will always say it. I am very sure you were told that when Mrs Mugabe starts speaking, you boo. I have got power and I will stand  for  myself.”

Zanu PF is embroilled in a dispute with Mnangagwa, who it accuses of leading a faction, known as Lacoste.

Grace Mugabe apparently leads another faction, dubbed the G40 — it’s made up mainly of young ministers.

Rober Mugabe responded by saying: “I am getting insulted in the name of Mnangagwa daily. Did I make a mistake to appoint Mnangagwa as my deputy? If I made a mistake I can even drop him tomorrow. If he wants to form his party with his supporters, he can go ahead. We can’t have a party riddled with insulting each other daily. We heard this booing was organised before we came. Those who want to be under me should behave, and those who don’t should go. We don’t persuade people. It does matter who.”

Zanu PF’s special elective congress will be held next month.

The Women’s League, led by Grace Mugabe, is demanding a female vice-president be appointed.

Currently, the governing party has two vice-presidents, who are both male.



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