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Robert Mugabe Tells Buhari – “You Can’t Cheat Nature”…What He Said Will Happen If Buhari Refuse To Resign Now, Will Shock You!! (Must Read)


Robert Mugabe reacting to President Buhari’s latest refusal to return home until his Doctors satisfy him okay, says no man Can Cheat Nature, what affects Nigeria affects the entire Africa, president. Read his reaction below…
Buhari’s Body Is Too Old & Weak For a country as big as Nigeria is better in his own interest, the interest of the nation and his family to resign now before they force him out of Office or even declare him incapacitated.

His words “honestly no man can cheat nature not even myself, at the moment Buhari’s body became too old and too weak to head a country as big as Nigeria, is better in his own interest, the interest of the nation, Africa and even his family to resign now before they force him out of office or even declare him incapacitated”.
Speaking to locals; he said your government allocated huge sums of money for medical facilities in Aso Rock why always patronize UK hospitals when your medical needs arise, is no longer funny.
Am only adding my voice because whatever affect Nigeria, affects the rest of us as Africans, I was there at his inauguration in 2015 if this matter is none of my business i wouldn’t have honored that invitation.

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  1. I use to respect Mugabe until I found out he is a true virus to Zimbabweans. Yes Zimbabwe fought for it’s freedom from colonial rule. But Mugabe never fought in that struggle and is not even a indigenous Zimbabwe neither is the insane wife. They has broken the country into nothing now. But as he say, you cannot cheat time. And his time has come to an end. He will not survive this 2017 year. Karma will come back on him and he will start to suffer, mentally for all the wrong he has done on the Zimbabwean people. And then he will waste away. And his legacy will be for all other long time so called African leaders will see. I am no longer interested in the surge of white colonial rule. But more now want to get rid of an more evil black devil that has called himself a father to the Zimbabwean people. With a father like Mugabe, who needs enemies.

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