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“Robert Mugabe Knows That I Do Not Wear P*nts,” Says South African Zodwa Wabantu!!

South African Zodwa Wabantu, popular to show off in very daring outfits, says he wants to meet Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Zodwa is currently in Zimbabwe. She explains that before traveling, her Zimbabwean fans warned her to behave decently, when she arrived to avoid being forbidden to return, because “Mugabe is a strict and decent man . ”


“People warned me about Mugabe on social networks before coming here,” Zodwa told the Daily News after his appearance at Club Connect on Saturday night.

“They told me that Mugabe does not allow nonsense. Therefore, I will not be allowed to enter Zimbabwe if I am too s3xy and I wear clothes that are more than revealing, and some even thought I would be half naked and Mugabe knows that I do not wear pants ” , did she say.

“(…) Maybe Mugabe is one of those who love me too because I do not wear slip (…)

”  Now that these people see that I am here and free, they begin to say that perhaps Mugabe is one of those who also love me because I do not wear panties. But the reality is that I would like to meet Mugabe, if I have the chance, I would certainly like to meet this man.


She says she felt a bit destabilized by the warnings, knowing what Mugabe is capable of doing.


”  I felt really threatened because I do not know politics in this country, but I know that Mugabe is a strong man, he will tell you what he wants and what he does not want. Imagine if I had landed and I was told Zodwa you have to turn around. It was possible, but after crossing the border, I felt excited and felt that I was going to see Mugabe, ”  she said.

Despite the restriction, Zodwa arrived in Zimbabwe, she visited the Connect Connect VIP dressed in a black dress that revealed her sensual thighs. She was asleep as usual and spent most of her time in the VVIP booth before joining the revelers on the dance floor where she exhibited her dance skills that made her popular.



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