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Riyadh Summit: Gambian President Adama Barrow Sleeps During Donald Trump’s Speech!!


Adama Barrow was hit hard this weekend by the syndrome that affects many heads of state. Sleep during a great encounter.

We knew the “evil” easy access to the physique of the old presidents, but he the dashing (almost) young man! While 50 heads of state from Arab countries or a majority of Muslims gathered around King Salman in Jeddah in the presence of US President Donald Trump, the tenant of the State House in Banjul was dozing off during the Yankee chief’s speech Saturday 20 May.

Yet there is only three hours of lag between Banjul and the holy land of Arabia. We know that air conditioning is Siberian in the Saudi palace, but it can not be an excuse, especially since it was a great historical moment, and one that will be remembered for a long time.

And for good reason: the Usa delivered their message to the Muslim world (without Iran), while most Western powers see the rise of radical Islamism and the terrorism that is linked to it the main threat they face . Or, -Donald Trump is far from being a tribune-is it the soporific speech of the American who was right about Adama Barrow?

All in all, jurisprudence “protects” him. Since Robert Mugabe, we know that a president does not sleep, he closes his eye.


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