RiseUp Launches Startup Manifesto in Egypt

The Startup Manifesto, Egypt’s first comprehensive documentation of the challenges facing the entrepreneurship ecosystem, has been launched by RiseUp.

The manifesto, which is available to view online, address the local startup scene’s most pressing issues, ranging from access to data, access to funding, the talent brain drain, and policies and regulatory requirements.


Launched ahead of the sixth annual RiseUp Summit, the Startup Manifesto was put together by a group of nearly 200 stakeholders with expertise in venture capital, building companies, legal frameworks, public policy, education, talent management, accelerators and incubators over a period of 12 months.

“As part of its mission, RiseUp initiated the Startup Manifesto project as a catalyst for change. The Manifesto, outlines current challenges and proposing concrete solutions, aims at improving the current entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt. It targets to increase ecosystem readiness for fostering entrepreneurship, thereby gearing the ecosystem towards its full potential,” the Manifesto says.

“The Manifesto is developed by the ecosystem for the ecosystem. Through interviews with various stakeholder groups and several review sessions, we constructed a Manifesto that portrays the ecosystem’s real challenges. The Manifesto does not stop at offering solutions. Instead, it needs to be understood as the foundational document based on which a collective action reform movement towards ecosystem improvement is initiated.”


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