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Rio Olympics: French Walker, Yohann Diniz Poos Himself Mid-Race…But Still Carries On! (Video)

A French athlete collapsed during the 50km walk after suffering from stomach trouble – only to get back to his feet and finish the race.

Yohann Diniz, the world record holder in the event, was leading the field in the 45th minute when a camera picked up on him beginning to struggle.

An hour or so later he collapsed to the floor, lying there motionless for a few seconds before dragging himself to his feet and continuing on.


French newspaper L’Equipe reports Diniz, 38, had stomach problems in the lead-up to the race but was undeterred and partook anyway.


His undeniable grit is earning the current world record holder a lot of fans.


We salute you Diniz. From a few feet away…



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