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Rio 2016 Olympics: “I May Be Killed,” Warns An Ethiopian Athlete

Second Sunday marathon the Ethiopian Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line, crossing his arms on its head to form handcuffs.

It is the political image of the Rio Games. Second at the finish of the marathon on Sunday, the Ethiopian runner Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line, crossing his arms at his head as if to represent handcuffs. It is said two hours later, at a press conference.

Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line in second, mimicking handcuffs with his arms.

REUTERS / Sergio Moraes

“It is a sign of support to the protesters who were killed by the government of my country, calmly explains the silver medalist carioca marathon. They do the same sign there. I wanted to show that I was not d agree with what is happening, I have relatives and friends in prison. the government is killing my people, the Oromo people without resources. “


“We want peace, democracy”

When asked if he took risks by making such a gesture on arrival, Feyisa Lilesa responded, always a calm and steady voice. “Risks? Maybe I’ll be killed, maybe I’ll be put in jail, detained at the airport, or forced to move to another country.” Sunday, August 7, the last opposition protest launched by the opposing ethnic groups in diet resulted in a charge of law enforcement doing thirty dead.

“Some have been deprived of their land, killed by the government regrets the marathon. We are defending our rights, we want peace, democracy. For my people, it is important to talk about these subjects. There are events nine months, more than 1,000 deaths, I think. it’s dangerous to talk about this, but Western countries support this government. Why? “

To mark the end of his remarks, the Ethiopian rose to applause from the room and realized his gesture one last time, posing for thirty seconds.



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