Ringier Partners One Africa Media to Create African Classifieds Giant, ROAM

Ringier Africa and One Africa Media (OAM) have announced an agreement to merge their pan-African classifieds assets to create Ringier One Africa Media, (ROAM) a giant conglomerate of African classifieds.

The Joint Venture was launched on Tuesday and is expected to become Africa’s classifieds leader in the near future. The partnership is also expected to yield results in six countries, across three strategic regions: Nigeria & Ghana in Anglo-phone West Africa; Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda in East Africa; and Senegal in Francophone West Africa.

One Africa Media will be bringing several of their leading brands to the table. These include Jobberman, Brighter Monday, Cheki , BuyRent Kenya & PrivateProperty Nigeria, while Ringier Africa will contribute Expat-Dakar, ZoomTanzania & PigiaMe to ROAM.

One Africa Media co-Founder/CEO, Justin Clarke, will act as the point guard in the joint effort, with the rest of the leadership coming from both sides.

“We have been looking for the right strategic partner with a similar broad vision for classifieds in Africa and who has a deep understanding of how things work in this complex content as well as the long term commitment to stay the distance in some very large but early stage markets,” Justin said about the merger.


“We have known Ringier Africa for many years as we both pioneered these markets in parallel and are really excited to be joining hands at last. The synergies are huge and we fit so well together,” he added.

According to Robin Lingg, CEO of Ringier Africa & Asia, “One Africa Media has pioneered the vertical classifieds market in Africa – and Ringier has built and grown some of the biggest horizontal marketplaces on the continent. We now have a clear, focused vision to operate and grow some of the biggest horizontal marketplaces on the continent. We now have a clear, focused vision to operate and grow Sub-Saharan Africa’s most innovative, expansive & profitable classifieds company together.”

“The joint focus of ROAM will be to serve its users across Africa with best-in-class marketplace platforms”, said Leonard Stiegeler, Ringier Africa GM. He continued, “Combining the group’s strength will help our users reach a larger audience with their offers and find what they are looking for easier and faster.”


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