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Rihanna’s Fight With Boyfriend, Hassan Jameel Explained on Instagram

Photos that surfaced of Rihanna in what looks like an argument with her maybe-boyfriend Hassan Jameel in Mexico immediately set the BIG MOOD for this week. Posted by The Shade Room, the paparazzi shot shows the singer mid-sentence in a passionate conversation, pointing her finger at the billionaire. Jameel is reacting exactly how one should react if Rihanna were to yell at you. He is leaning away, letting her speak her piece.
This sparked a flurry for a number of reasons. First of all, previous reports declared the couple broken up, but being spotted together in Mexico would suggest otherwise. Maybe not, however, if they’re in Mexico having an argument.
According to Rihanna, however, we’re just jumping to conclusions. At least, we think that’s what she’s trying to say with this photo she posted on Instagram on Wednesday:


when u think u know more bout soccer 😼💪🏿 #worldcup2018


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“When u think u know more bout soccer,” she captioned the picture, which has an uncanny resemblance to the paparazzi shot. One lion yelling, one lion cowering. We see what you did there, RiRi.
Many fans had the same interpretation we did, commenting things like “Mystery solved lmao” and “Oh, so that’s what they were arguing about.”
Leave it to a queen to effortlessly squash rumors with a simple meme. Now can Rihanna please explain to me what’s going on with soccer?

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