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Richest Man In Africa, And 67th Richest In The World, Meet The Lifestyle Of Aliko Dangote, His Gold Plated Bedroom!

Mr. Dangote has called this place home for a good twelve years, and he said he is selling the property because he has just completed a new piece of real estate in the United Kingdom, where he is switching to after putting ink to paper on a deal to purchase the london based  Arsenal Football Club.

Mr. Dangote is actually an avid soccer supporter, contrary to many people’s expectations, and he said he was looking forward to watching all the Arsenal matches from the Emirates Stadium after closing the deal.


We were awed by the sight of this room! Sometimes, you have no words, you only watch..

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Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen, ” Aliko Dangote said.  It showed that how much thought and attention to detail he had put in the building of this house, to the extent that he has some deep thought about each and every one of its rooms.



This is Aliko Dangote’s home office, where he does all the business if he is away from his office. “Whether you work from home fulltime or a few hours a week, setting up your home office properly is important for your comfort and productivity.

Dangote Home Office

And this is where the wealthiest man in Africa sleeps.

dangote bedroom

And this is where he showers..


Even if you have never met him, now you have an idea of what the life of the richest Man in Africa looks like..


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