RICHEST: 14 Luxury Billionaire Homes Around The World [+Photo]

14 Sensational Billionaire Homes Around The World

As million dollar homes become more commonplace every day, it takes multi-million dollar homes bought by billionaires to really stand out. With 8 of the most expensive homes located in the US, the other 6 are found in India, France, and England, the latter boasting 4 of the 6.

The worth of these homes is based on a variety of factors including size, location, vistas, and extravagant amenities such as waterfalls, helipads and multiple swimming pools. If you hit a lottery jackpot, develop a world-altering drug or invent a better mousetrap, you might someday have enough for a down payment on one of these awesome abodes.

Kensington Palace Gardens, London, UK