Rice and Fish Culture in Indonesia – Agricultural Business Innovation

This is indeed a laudable innovation. We think African Farmers need to try this. Rice-fish culture involves farmers introducing fish into their rice fields .

This technique is good for both the fish and the rice. Safely hidden from birds, the fish thrive in the dense rice plants, while they in turn provide a source of fertiliser with their droppings, eat insect pests and help to circulate oxygen around the rice field. Farmers tell us that keeping fish in rice fields can increase rice yields by up to 10% – plus they have the additional supplies of fish.


rice-fish culture


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  1. This project is actually being implemented in Senegal and as received the Innovation award from the Ramsar Convention this year. We added the ecosystemic rehabilitation of salf degraded land to the promotion of integrated eco-rice farming and aquaculture.

    The Ramsar Convention Award for Wetland Innovation
    Presented to: Oceanium, Dakar, Senegal

    Oceanium is an organisation established to actively protect the marine environment in Senegal since the late 1990s. It has recently undertaken the world’s largest mangrove reforestation and eco-system restoration with and by local people. This is a rare example of large-scale participatory restoration. The project increases resilience to climate change by the rehabilitation and planting of mangroves in marine degraded areas and the development of related sustainable socio-ecological and economical activities, using modern technology. Oceanium has replanted and restored thousands of hectares of mangroves and has successfully restored degraded rice fields in Tobor and returned the land to traditional rice growing. The project involves using solar and wind-powered water pumps; the replanting of mangroves to help in desalinisation and coastline stabilisation; and the development of more ecologically-sustainable rice culture.

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