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REVEALED: When Europe Was Under Ancient Africans: The 700 Years Of Less Known History

One of the reasons why the European Society Is been Racist Against The Black Man was because He Reminds Them Of Their Past Ancestors And Rulers

The people of Africa, at least as they are in relation to present history, in the last 1,300 years, say from 700AD to 2015AD, has been under tight house watch, besides the terrible brutality ordained against them. The fear of European against Africans today goes back to the Moorish conquest of the Iberian peninsula in 700AD, and parts of western Europe before and after that time period.

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Believe it or not, Belgium was largely a black/Moorish country at one time (yes, the books are still there to prove this!). All the other small countries surrounding the region, including France, Holland, England, Germany, etc. were strong-holds of powerful Moorish clans, with kings and nobles, prince and princesses! Black folks wasn’t just in Africa, but travelled and inhabited all parts of the entire globe.

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Europe removed the remnants of its African-ness only about 250 years ago, so, if one is diligent enough, he or she can uncover what been swept under the rug! Africans were the original foundation of all European royalty that you see there today! Yes, including England and France! This is not hard to find, because all European families, whether royalty of peasants, have a family crest and, this family crest is almost always a black Moorish man!

Of course, just because they don’t see black folks as equal humans or beings, should remind you that, a human, and a human being, are different, and the philosophy and psychology of using these terms are never understood by the public.

The west is ruled by psychological principles, with mirrors and smoke screens. To try and understand it, one has to move away from words, definitions and descriptions. It’s only a compilation of ‘mazes’ for the masses. The leaders and rulers are unconcerned, essentially – because they are not governed by such ideology. It will never convict it’s fellow members!

Going forward, starting, Africa and her people must delicately and deliberately separate herself from the ideology of the west, just as the Chinese are desperately trying to do now.

source: Joel Savage



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