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New List Reveals the Top 6 West African Women Who Know How To Care For Men

As is sometimes said, men are big babies whose women have to take care of them otherwise, they spin you between your fingers. Caring for a man to satisfy him at all levels is not easy. It requires patience, courage, endurance, etc.

Here we offer the top 6 West African women who know how to take care of a man.

 1-  The Senegalese women

Senegalese women are known for their great attention and for their submission to their husbands. Senegal is at the top of the ranking. Senegalese women are recognized for their ability to care for a man at all levels. But for many men it is especially on the sxxual level that other women in the subregion can not compete with them.


2- Nigeria

Nigeria ranks second in this top of the West African countries, where women can find a man. Like the Senegalese women, the Nigerians know in general what men want.

3- Mali

The third place returns to Mali. Submission is the strong point of Malian women. Forgetting themselves sometimes, provided that man is happy. For Malian women, one should not displease a man. In addition to all these qualities, added their legendary beauty, a man can not ask for more.

4. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, one of Mali’s neighbors, ranks fourth in this ranking. Burkinabè women are also known for their complete submission. Tradition still having a great influence in this country, women are prepared from a young age to take care of a man on all levels.

5- Guinea

Guinean women share the same strong point with Malian and Burkinabé. They are also known for their sweetness.

6- The Ivory Coast

Even if some Ivorians do not like to be walked on, they also know what a man likes. The Ivorian women know how to make sacrifices for their man, just to satisfy him.

Do you miss any, let us have your comment and contribution at the comment section of the site.


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