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REVEALED!! Top 10 Successful African-American Celebrities Who Traced Their African Roots!!

People with ancestors from all over the world live in the great nation, United States of America. Some of the Americans seek to trace their roots. For some it’s a fulfilling endeavor. Technological advancements have made it possible to achieve this endeavor successfully.

Several African American celebrities have successfully found their African roots thanks to DNA databases offer by some companies which include AncestryDNA  and African Ancestry.

Chris Rock (Cameroon)

One of the most successful comedians, Chris Rock was moved with tears when he learned about one of his ancestors, who fought for the freedom of other slaves, and became a state legislator at the age of 24. Chris Rock also found that he was descended from the Udeme people of northern Cameroon.


Oprah Winfrey (Liberia, Cameroon, Zambia)

Oprah Winfrey is an immensely popular name in the world. When she took a DNA test for the PBS show African American Lives in 2005, she discovered that she was a descendent of the Kpelle people of Liberia, Bamileke people in Cameroon and a Bantu-speaking tribe in Zambia.


Helga Esteb/

LeVar Burton (Nigeria)

German-born American actor, director, producer, presenter and author discovered that he is genetically linked with the Hausa people in Nigeria. LeVar Burton is best known for his role as the young Kunta Kinte in the 1977 award-winning ABC Television mini series Roots.


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Don Cheadle (Cameroon)

Actor Don Cheadle shares paternal genetic ancestry with people of the of the Ewondo ethnic group of Cameroon and shares maternal genetic ancestry with the Bamileke, Masa and Tikar people of Cameroon.


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Whoopi Goldberg (Guinea-Bissau)

DNA tests indicated that Whoopi Goldberg descended from the Papel and Bayote people of Guinea-Bissau. After this discovery, the tourism ministry of the country invited her to visit them; however, she did not take up the offer as she has fear of flying.


Sam Aronov /

Common (Cameroon)

American hip hop recording artist and actor Common traced his roots to the Bamilike and Ewondo ethnic group in Cameroon. Bamileke people inhibit the highlands between the Mbam and the Noun rivers in Cameroon. The Ewondo people are centered in Yaounde.


Debby Wong/

Sheryl Lee Ralph (Cameroon)

Sheryl Lee Ralph discovered that her family roots extend well past the Caribbean and stretch all the way to Africa. She found that her ancestors are from the Tikar tribe in Cameroon. Tikar is a blanket term used for several ethnic groups in Cameroon.


Anthony Anderson (Cameroon)

DNA tests of comedian Anthony Anderson revealed that his ancestors hail from Bubu people of Bioko Island and from the Tikar, Hausa and Fulani people of Cameron. Bioko Island is now known as Equatorial Guinea, a nation which is located in Central Africa.


Vanessa A. Williams (Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Senegal)

This American actress’ DNA analysis revealed that she is 23 percent from Ghana, 17 percent from the British Isles, 15 percent from Cameroon, 12 percent Finnish, 11 percent Southern European, 7 percent Togo, 6 percent Benin, 5 percent Senegal and 4 percent Portuguese. “Now, I can’t wait to go to Ghana and Cameroon and Togo and Senegal” said the actress.


Helga Esteb /

Erykah Badu (Cameroon)

American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist and actress Erykah Badu, whose first album Baduizm was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, traced her roots to the Western Region of Cameroon. The Grammy award winner discovered that her lineage originated from the Bamileke people in the grassland region of the Western Cameroon.



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