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REVEALED: These Causes of Cancer that Everyone Can Easily Avoid

Cancer is killing more and more people over the years. Perversely, the disease affects the development of the cells of the body by creating tumors that multiply and become unmanageable.

While some cancers are hereditary, others may occur in our lifetime, in contact with certain substances harmful to health. In this article, We make you discover 8 causes of cancer that you can easily avoid.

1- Sugar

You certainly doubt it! Sugar can cause diabetes, but also deeply damage your cells. This increases the risk of getting cancer. It must be understood that sugar can be used as fuel for cancer. According to Johan Thevelein, a Belgian molecular biologist, “the overactive consumption of sugar by cancer cells, the development, constantly stimulated, and the worsening of cancer form a vicious circle,”.


2- “Processed” foods

There, reference is made to industrially sealed food in plastic packaging. According to French scientists, there is a link between the consumption of processed products and cancer. For now, they are determining whether this is due to preservatives, plastic packaging or a combination of both.


3- Tobacco

It’s no secret to anyone, not even those who smoke. They know the risks they are exposed to, but still continue. Tobacco contains at least 70 carcinogens. The worst is that smokers are not the only ones affected, but also those who passively inhale the smoke.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “nonsmokers who are passively exposed to smoke at home or at work increase their risk of developing lung cancer by 20 to 30%”.

4- Toxic chemicals at work

The contact of certain substances on a daily basis is very harmful. These include aluminum, paint, benzene that is contained in the tar among other products. People who are in constant contact with hair dyes, rubber and toxic manicure odors are also at higher risk of getting cancer.

5- Work at night

According to the International Center for Research on Cancer, night work could be “probably carcinogenic”. In 2017, scientists have said that working for hours at night, or in the dark, can upset the natural balance of your body.

6- Coal

Coal workers have a higher risk of cancer of the lungs, bladder and stomach. This, for several years, because of gasification or coal dust.

7- Alcohol

Regularly drinking strong alcohol can increase the risk of cancer of the throat, liver, breast or colon.

According to the French National Cancer Institute, “the risk of developing cancer increases with the amount of alcohol a person drinks”.

Out of 600,000 consumers, a study in 19 countries has shown that excessive drinking can affect the development of different forms of cancer of the digestive system.

8- The exhaust gases of diesel engines

Diesel fuel has more than 30 components that can cause cancer. That’s what the International Agency for Research on Cancer says.


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