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REVEALED: The Top 10 Poorest Countries In Europe Most African Countries Are Richer Than

Europe is world’s second smallest continent by surface area. The Eurozone entered its first official recession in the third quarter of 2008. This had a huge negative impact on many countries of Europe.

This list reflects the GDP per capita, the gross domestic product, or total market value of goods and services produced by the national economy during the last year, in regards to each person in the country.

Here is a brief overview of the 15 poorest nations in Europe with their per capita information.

10. Romania ($18,635)

Almost 44 percent of the population of Romania lives in rural areas. Poverty has a firm grip on Romania’s rural areas.


9. Russia (18,408)

Russia suffers from high wealth inequality. While few enjoy almost royal lifestyle, millions suffer the ill effects of poverty.


8. Croatia ($18,314)

Percentage of population below poverty has been increasing consistently in Croatia.

Village Lozisca in the hills on island Brac in Croatia

Lozisca, Brac Island, Croatia

7. Belarus ($15,633)

Even though poverty in Belarus has declined over time, the nation has still a long way to go.


6. Bulgaria ($14,870)

Bulgaria is one of the poor nations not only in the European Union, but also in the Balkans as a whole.



5. Montenegro ($11,800)

Montenegro is mostly a service-based economy. However, population below the poverty line which was 12.2 percent in 2003 had come to 6.6 percent in 2010.

Photo: Ivan Milutinovic

Photo: Ivan Milutinovic

4. Serbia ($11,553)

Corruption and poor state of infrastructure have contributed to Serbia’s poverty. More than 1.3 million citizens of Serbia are poor, or barely make ends meet.

Panorama of Belgrade by day

3. Macedonia ($10,718)

Rural poverty plagues Macedonia, impacting its economic progress negatively. This former Yugoslav republic’s rural areas are home to two-thirds of its poor.

Image result for Macedonia

2. Albania ($9,903)

Antiquated and inadequate infrastructure contributes to Albania’s poor business environment and lack of success in attracting foreign investments.


1. Bosnia and Herzegovina ($8,590)

Poverty in Bosnia and Herzegovina is substantial compared to some neighboring nations.



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  1. Actually that is not true. Maybe these countries are behind economically, say, the top 3 most powerful African countries, but everything considered, are far better to live in than the rest of Africa. Croatia has one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe, some say even the world, and many Hollywood stars spend a portion of their vacation there. Serbia has many natural attractions for such a small country, and is rich with water and food, and a gentle climate. Belgrade, its capital is widely considered as one of the most fun cities in Europe. Montenegro has a 600k population and has its own coastline filled with luxury hotels, and its yearly profit from tourism is enough for them to live comfortably. I dont even want to mention Russia, the county which is organizing the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, and is a country with the biggest reserve of oil and natural gas. In the world. All in all this is a very untrue article, and its sole purpose is to make African nations feel better about themselves.

  2. the croatian picture is meant to represent poverty? Those are old buildings which tourists love to look at and take pictures

  3. Why people are taking pictures of gipsies who love to beg and they live like that so that they can request money and they say, look how poor the country is? I live in Romania and I have not seen a place like that since I was little and a clan of gipsy cramped there. How do you people find these places?
    Anyway, please stay in your rich African countries and do not come in our poor European countries.

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