Revealed: The Top 10 Best Performing Police Force In Africa And 9 Worst.

The International Police Search Science Association (IPSA) and the Institute for the Economy and Peace (IEP) work every year to monitor the actions of police across the world.

This Thursday, March 15 is the international day against police violence. The supervision of the International Police Search Science Association (IPSA) and the Institute for the Economy and Peace (IEP) are based on the quality and quantity of resources, especially human resources, the optimal use of these resources, the perception of police services by the population or area of ​​legitimacy, and the impact of police on the internal security of a country.


Top 10 best police in Africa
1- Botswana
Botswana ranks first on the continent. Globally, the country ranks 47th out of 127 countries whose police actions were monitored last year.

2- Rwanda
3- Algeria
4- Senegal
5- Tunisia
6- Egypt
7- Burkina Faso
8- Ghana
9- South Africa
10- Mali


Top 9 worst performing fonts
In some countries, it is impossible for the police to suppress a demonstration without killing. Legality and legitimacy are not taken into account by these policies. Only the superior’s will counts, as well as that of the police officer.

1- Madagascar occupies the 111th place
2- Zambia occupies 112th place
3- Ethiopia: 115th place
4- Sierra Leone: 117th place
5- Cameroon: 120th place
6- Mozambique: 122nd place
7- Uganda is in 124th place
8- Kenya: 125th place
9- The Democratic Republic of Congo closes the march: 126th

In DR Congo, the police are very often involved in scandals of human rights violations, for example, demonstrations of last December 31, where 7 people were killed.


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