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REVEALED: The Reason Why Shakira And Piqué Are Not Invited To Messi’s Wedding!!

The star of FC Barcelona Lionel Messi will formalize this summer in Argentina his union with his companion of always Antonella Rocuzzo. Before that, a ceremony will be organized in Spain for those who will not be able to move, like Gerard Piqué, who is nevertheless not invited because of his companion Shakira …

If her future husband is customary solo raids chaloupés, while technical and finesse, Antonella Rocuzzo gives it rather in the tackle in the knees!

The Iberian Media El Pais reveals indeed today that the Argentine beautiful decided not to invite the sublime Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique, Lionel Messi’s teammate at FC Barcelona, “his European wedding.”

The reason for this is quite simple: Antonella can not frame the most people pair of football circus since the retirement of David Beckham.

Barcelona v Athletic Club - Copa del Rey Final

The companion “official” Lionel Messi since 2009 and had not digested first change radically life of central defender, who left everything behind in 2010 (his then girlfriend Nuria Tomas) to put with Shakira.

Then she does not really appreciate the current behavior of the Colombian singer, who sets well apart from the group of the other “WAG’s”, attending the matches in Barcelona alone in a beautiful private box while all the others Women’s players gather …


After 8 years of love, which gave two children (Thiago, 4 years and Mateo, 1 year), Antonella Rocuzzo and Lionel Messi decided to marry this summer in Argentina, their country of birth to both.

For logistical reasons, many people will not be able to get there on the date chosen. A ceremony will be organized a few months ago in Spain, where the two lovebirds have lived for many years now.

Without Shakira and Pique, suddenly …

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