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The Kim Kardashian’s Expensive Plastic Surgeries You Never Heard Of!!!

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. After getting a lot of attention for an adult video that leaked on the internet with rapper Ray J, Kardashian was able to ink her own reality television show that has been on the air since 2007 and is still one of the most watched shows on cable.

Kardashian’s net worth is now estimated to be near the $100 million mark, and being in front of a camera has been a documentary of her changes in wealth and appearance. People are always watching and talking about her, and there is no doubt that Kardashian looks quite a bit different than she did a decade ago.

Kardashian has seen a lot of weight and body fluctuations and facial changes, but just how much work has she had done in terms of plastic surgery and how much has it cost her over the years? One of the most notable changes that Kardashian has had has been her famous posterior. While she has shown an x-ray to prove that her famous rear is real, doctors say that she has had fat removed from her legs and injected into her buttocks. That type of surgery is estimated to cost around $5,000.

There are a few other surgeries that Kardashian herself has admitted to, including hairline laser surgery, a couple of botox injections and massages that are designed to get rid of fat. Getting your hairline straightened out typically costs between $600 and $900 per session, which is a drop in the bucket for Kardashian. As for botox injections, it’s hard to tell how many she has had, but those cost only about $20 per injection. Finally, the massages cost around $600 per session.


Kardashian also documented a surgery where she underwent stretch mark removal on her breasts on her reality show. These types of treatments cost around $200 per session, although it was likely that she ponied up a higher cost to make sure that she was getting the absolute best treatment by top surgeons.


What other surgeries have experts claimed that Kardashian has had in the past? The list is a long one, and they include a rhinoplasty, skin tightening treatments, lip augmentation, filler injections in her cheeks and even a breast lift. Let’s break down the price for each of these treatments.

First, the average cost of a rhinoplasty is just under the $5,000 mark in the United States, and it’s safe to assume that Kardashian paid much more than that if she did indeed get the surgery done. A laser skin tightening treatment is around $1,000 per session, lip augmentation can cost up to $2,000, cheek injections cost between $1,000 and $3,000 while a breast lift can cost around $4,500.

Some doctors also estimate that Kardashian has had at least two liposuctions around her stomach, especially after having two children, and these cost around $3,500 per treatment. On the very low end, all of these surgeries add up to nearly $16,000! That’s just for the bare minimum, which it’s almost guaranteed that she hasn’t had, and some have suggested that Kardashian has spent upwards of $80,000 on surgeries.

While it’s not a huge mark in terms of her overall net worth, it is worth noting that $80,000 is more than three times the median salary for a person in the United States and about how much someone with a Doctorates earns in one year. Could you imagine spending three years worth of salaries on plastic surgeries?


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