Revealed! The Color Of Your Tongue Can Reveal If You Have Cancer

Take a closer look, the color of your tongue can reveal many health problems that occur in your body, including cancer.

If you notice that the color of the tongue changed, do not ignore it!

Though you look very good and healthy, it does not mean anything. The tongue is consisted of a group of muscles that allow us to feel the taste of food and beverages, to swallow and talk.

Color change may mean that we lack vitamins, but also some other problems that require immediate medical attention.

Black tongue

Small buds of the tongue can sometimes take on a black color due to the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.

Also, the surface of tongue can be changed due to food, drink, cigarettes … the reason for that is poor oral hygiene. This state of the tongue is safe, but it looks very unpleasant.

Some antibiotics and other drugs, as well as mouth wash products could be responsible for black tongue. It may also be due to dehydration of the body or drinking large amounts of coffee. Consult a doctor if it takes longer than ten days.


Yellow tongue

Like the black tongue, yellow tongue is the result of accumulated bacteria. In addition, the papillae can be inflamed if the mouth is too dry, or if the body lacks water, if you breathe through your mouth (rather than through the nose) if the body temperature is elevated, from smoking too many cigarettes …

The solution is proper oral hygiene and constant consumption of water.

White tongue

There are many reasons for a white tongue.

It is a disease of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity with a fungus of the genus Candida which often affects people with low immunity. The same can occur in patients who drink strong antibiotics.

White tongue can occur during leukoplakia – a condition which comes to the creation of white spots in the oral cavity. It is a lesion that can sometimes be the start of cancer.

Besides discoloration, in the tongue nodules and pain may occur.

These are the main reasons:

  • Diabetes and anemia, cause inflammation of the tongue
  • Smoking can irritate the tongue and cause pain
  • Some women experience tingling of the tongue in post menopause
  • Stress can cause ulcers on the tongue
  • Oral cancer is more common in smokers and drinkers. Consult a doctor the pain lasts longer than two weeks
  • Cracks or small cuts on the tongue can be caused by fungal infections

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