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Revealed: The 5 Categories Of Foods That Can Change The Colour Of Your Eyes

We consume food either by necessity or by desire. In addition to filling our belly, they are often good for our health. But we do not know everything about these fruits, vegetables and other products we consume. Indeed, there are some that can even affect our physique. Here are some foods that are able to change the color, shine or depth of our eyes.


Much more than a candy, chocolate is good for the human body. And this, thanks to a hormone called “Serotonin” that it releases in the body. This hormone then acts on the eyes by enlarging the pupils and reducing the iris. Your eyes will be deeper and darker.



Spinach is known to promote the health of your skin and hair. Thanks to its high content of iron, zeaxanthin and Lutein carotenoids, spinach is a superfood that will brighten your eyes. Eating about 200 g of spinach every day can intensify the color of blue and green eyes, and lighten brown or dark gray irises. Your eyes will be more sparkling.


This is no secret, eggs are very rich in protein. Therefore, they are an important element to insert into your diet. Over time, it is likely that it contributes to a change of color at the level of your eyes.

The shrimp

Good news for seafood lovers! Just like fish, shrimp is full of mineral salts. These elements are known elements to act on the color of the eyes.


And yes ! Ginger is recommended for the prevention of tumors and the relief of pain. It was also reported that those who had already added to their diet had a slow change in the color of their eyes.


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