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Revealed: Robert Mugabe Was Anointed With Gaddafi’s Gown, Guess The President Lives The Libyan Footprints(ThrowBack Photos)

In 2008, a meeting of more than 200 traditional African rulers anointed then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi the “king of kings”. They converged in Benghazi to bestow the title on the late leader hoping he would see his vision of a united Africa through. Unfortunately, this was not to be so. The West had a say in the matter and Gaddafi was killed before anything he hoped for could come true. The dream was a new world order with a united Africa. Some political leaders were not too enthusiastic about it and Gaddafi got a much needed push from traditional leaders.

This support was especially reassuring because of the nature of African societies which respect traditional leaders even more than holders of political office in some instances.

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