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REVEALED!! President Emmanuel Macron Was A Student In The Same Class As Laurence Auzière, The Daughter Of His Wife Brigitte!!

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Difficult to imagine when you are a student in a school class that the mother of one of your classmates will be your future wife! Yet this is what happened at the level of President of the Republic of France Emmanuel Macron. Back on the couple’s past.When she meets the young Emmanuel Macron, Brigitte Trogneux is married to a certain André-Louis Auzière, with whom she has three children.Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, it’s 24 years apart … and almost as much love! Before meeting the candidate of En marche !, the one who is nicknamed “Bibi” leads a completely different life. At the time, nothing destined her to become the potential future First Lady of France. Indeed, she is then professor of French in Amiens and married to André-Louis Auzière, the father of her three children, Sébastien, Laurence and Tiphaine. Who is this mysterious first husband?

A little return in the past is necessary. The young Brigitte Trogneux (her maiden name) emerged from the bourgeois milieu of Amiens (Picardie) and was predestined to unite with a man of her rank, as demanded by good manners. And why not the son of one of the local dynasties of traders? For Brigitte, there is no question of bending to tradition.

An ex-husband banker

At only 21, while still a student, “Bibi” married André-Louis Auzière, two years his elder (he was born in 1951, she, in 1953). The ceremony takes place in Le Touquet (where Les Trogneux has a family dwelling), on June 22, 1974. André-Louis Auzière is the son of a statutory auditor. He is a Parisian and works in the bank, and more specifically at Crédit du Nord. He was born in Éséka, a small town in the north-west of Cameroon, where his father worked in the administration of this former French colony.

Transferred to Stasbourg, André-Louis was obliged to move into the Alsatian city, where he took his wife, now Brigitte Auzière. In 1975, she gave birth to Sébastien. Two years later, the couple welcomed a little girl, Laurence. For the tasty anecdote, Emmanuel Macron was born the same year, in 1977. He will be in the same class as Laurence Auzière (his future daughter-in-law), at the Lycée La Providence in Amiens, where Brigitte teaches.

The couple Auzière finally returns to live in Amiens, the birthplace of Brigitte. In 1984, the year of their 10 years of marriage, André-Louis and “Bibi” celebrate the birth of their third and last child, Tiphaine. At 31, the teacher is therefore the mother of a beautiful sibling.

In 1993, at the dawn of her 40th birthday, Brigitte Auzière has everything to be happy: she leads a life in a comfortable and bourgeois setting, she is passionate about her job, she has a charming husband, Friends, and three beautiful children promised a bright future. His encounter with a student in his theater class, Emmanuel Macron, then 16 years old, upsets his tidy little life. She tries to resist him at the start, but ends up cracking …

What prompted Brigitte Auzière, a respectable 39-year-old French professor, to plunge everything to succumb to a young man under age 24, his younger? “She evokes little Andre-Louis Auziere, her ex-husband banker. By modesty, discretion. Because there are things she does not want, can not say? In any case, the latter certainly did not make her happy, “writes political journalist Anne Fulda, author of the book Emmanuel Macron, a young man so perfect.

The dark couple Auzière

Tied by this life too smooth, she is seduced by the oaths, intelligence and enthusiasm of the young Emmanuel. The two lovers begin to dance outside the theater boards … The rumor is shaking and causing talk in the streets of the Amiens. Scandal! The entourage and the parents of Emmanuel Macron fiercely oppose this unconventional idyll. While their son was to go to Paris at the Lycee Henri IV, to make his terminal, they saw a way to get him away from Brigitte Auziere.

The two lovers are distant some time. Meanwhile, the Auziere couple is tearing and dark. “Bibi” then settles in Paris, where she teaches in a religious establishment of the capital. She finally finds her Emmanuel. She even moves with him while he studies at the ENA (promotion 2004).

On 26 January 2006, the High Court of Amiens pronounced a divorce between André-Louis and Brigitte Auzière. The teacher, in a hurry to live, does not lose her time and assumes the day. In 2007, she married at the town hall of Le Touquet to Emmanuel Macron. The beautiful story was just beginning …

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