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REVEALED!! This Is Nicolas Sarkozy’s Candidacy For The Presidential Election!!


Nicolas Sarkozy had not spoken publicly since the crushing failure at the primary of the right. But on Friday he wanted to break the silence and clearly and clearly show his choice, in order to convince those who believed in him and who supported him to offer their voice to this candidate, in the name of “alternation Frank and credible “. .

In his official publication on his Facebook wall on Friday, 7 April, he stated at the outset that, at the end of a five-year period marked by economic failure, the loss of state authority and The weakening of France in the world, our country and Europe face major risks for their future. The scale of the challenges ahead is considerable. To meet them, we need a powerful, coherent and just recovery plan that brings solutions to the dropping out of France and the anxieties of millions of our fellow citizens. ”

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He then calls millions of voters to more clairvoyance during their votes. And let each one bring his voice, because every voice will count. For the deposed candidate, “Everything must be done to prevent the French from having a choice in the second round only between two adventures with no way out: that of a new illusion carried by a candidate whose responsibility in economic failures Of the current quinquennium is clearly established; The other fueled by irresponsibility and demagogy which would lead to catastrophic consequences for the standard of living of the French and for the future of Europe “.

Finally, he reveals the choice of his heart, and also can be a well-calculated choice and affirms in his very particular style: “François Fillon is the only one among the candidates to have the experience that will enable him to embody and succeed The alternation which France so badly needs. I therefore call on all the French to mobilize for the victory of the ideas of the right ”


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