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REVEALED! Investigation: ‘Africa Gives 6.2 Million Euros To Each Former French President’!!

For countless decades, there have been dark wages that benefit former French presidents.This is a magnificent bonus for their silence in relation to the CFA franc, of which each individual living in France, takes on the true criminal dimension only when it assumes the office of President of the Republic of France.

The silence concerns the origin of the currency of the CFA Franc. It is a currency of Nazi origin that has imposed France on us.

It was thanks to a French Member of Parliament that this information was made public. Mr Dosiere has just won a small victory because the French government has just addressed to him the total cost of the former presidents for the year 2014: 6.2 million.

This figure is only an approximate deduction, derived from all the elements available to this gentleman and that there is no official budget line allocated to this allowance. This allowance does not have a legal existence and remains totally opaque. This gentleman reports that the fundamentals of this allowance and its funding remains a mystery.

As it has become fashionable in the Kingdom of France, anything that touches the CFA Franc, France or the plundering of Africa is closely wrapped up in an opacity that the French have familiarized themselves with.

The reality is that the money that is used to pay the former French presidents does not come directly from French taxpayers, but from the obscure management of the CFA franc.

It should be noted that France is the only country in the world that implements this practice at the service of former presidents who work totally on their own account and sometimes against the interests of the French state. But what are the causes of this endowment opaque to the former French presidents?

According to our sources, this opaque endowment was established with French President Valérie Giscard D’Estaing. And then all the other presidents benefited from this manna that fell from the African Heaven. Until today, each French president continues to benefit from this endowment. Will this abusive exploitation of France in Africa stop one day?


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