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REVEALED: How Jocelyn Wildenstein Destroyed Her Face With Plastic Surgery!!

Jocelyn Wildenstein is a New York City socialite and also well known to have done so many facial surgeries. Ms Wildenstein is rumoured to have spent $4 million on plastic surgery in order to look like a cat. She did it to please her husband, who loved big cats.

She divorce her husband Alec Wildenstein in 1999, after catching him on bed with a 19-year-old Russian model in her bedroom at the Wildenstein New York home, and he threatened her with a gun. Ms Wildenstein received $2.5 billion in the divorce settlement and $100 million each year for 13 years after. She holds the record for the highest ever divorce settlement in history.


At the time of her divorce, Alec said of her numerous cosmetic procedures:

‘She was crazy. I would always find out last. She was thinking that she could fix her face like a piece of furniture. Skin does not work that way. But she wouldn’t listen,’ said Alec at the time.


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