REVEALED: How Grace Mugabe Was Elevated From Being Secretary To President Mugabe’s Chosen 1

The leader of the main MDC opposition party has suggested that a reversal of roles has been forced at State House; that the former glamourous but relatively silent presidential consort has risen to become a blatant and public puppeteer of the Head of State and that she is, therefore, effective ruler of this nation. In other words, President Robert Mugabe is now the consort; Grace the sovereign.

But the former premier is being mischievously melodramatic and understandably so; it’s his job to cause grief and disquiet among his rivals. What has actually happened instead, is however, just as dramatic; or nearly so.

It is evident that, after forcing the ouster of then vice president Joice Mujuru around December 2014, Grace concludes 2015 having formally imposed the office of First Lady on the ruling party and the State.

More significantly still, she has located said office between the President and his two deputies. Remarkable! Effectively, Grace has ordered the State and party constitutions re-written to force her accommodation – personally and officially.


Previously dismissed as a shrill ignoramus – itself a fatal political error for many in and (now) outside the ruling Zanu PF party – Grace emerges as a formidable political force – one to be reckoned with; and never trifled with either. It might be said that she has shattered the proverbial glass ceiling and you’d expect the women’s movement to take their collective eyelashes off to her; yet they sneer.

The means justify the end, surely. No? With the active connivance of her husband, Grace has disempowered the State and ruling party vice presidents, reducing them to glorified aides she regularly summons to her office where they must take notes as she pontificates.

She made the revelation with her characteristic giggle.

Sunday Roast shares her mirth and jollity; the image of the famed and supposedly fearsome crocodile attentively listening to Grace, perhaps kneeling even, and taking notes is an unmitigated delight!

Source: Newzimbabwe


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