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Revealed: How 76-year-old Jacob Zuma Welcomed His 23rd Child With a 24 Years Old Daughter

Former South African President Jacob Zuma recently hosted its 23 th child with a 24 year old girl, reports News24.

According to several sources, she gave birth last week in a private hospital, Busamed Hillcrest. The new father would have gone to the hospital on Thursday, April 12 to visit the mother and her child.

“Yes, he was here last week, I saw him with his bodyguards,” a hospital employee told News24.

Jacob Zuma, who is already a dad of 22 children, would consider taking her as his wife. A relative of Zuma, Ray Zuma had revealed that the former president was about to marry another woman, NonKanyiso Chonco, specifying that the date of the marriage had not yet been fixed.

“I do not see why you’re interested, when he was still the president, you (the media) terrorized him, and now you’re interested in him. No date has yet been set, the two families must meet to decide the date, we are still in the prenuptial phase.

The news of the birth of his child has provoked several reactions on social networks.

His son Edward refused to comment on this. Having led the country from 2009 to February 2018, Jacob Zuma gave way to Cyril Ramaphosa.


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