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REVEALED: Here’s How To Eliminate The Pores Of Your Face And Find A Baby Skin!!

There are many skin problems that can be source of complex. Among them, one finds in particular the pores which mainly touch the mixed and oily skin. To remedy this, here are some natural and effective tricks that will prevent the appearance of dilated pores.

Presentation of the pores

The pores correspond to very small openings on the surface of the skin which allow the evacuation of dead cells, sebum and sweat in order to facilitate the absorption of the products necessary for good hydration.

There are many causes for pore dilation such as age (skin loses elasticity over time), acne, poor hygiene, excessive use of make-up, excessive alcohol consumption and Tobacco, a lack of protection during exposure to the sun.

Prevent pore expansion

Instead of using commercial products that can prove costly, here are some natural and effective tips that will help you deal with this problem.

Water and baking soda

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of water to obtain a dough consistency. Apply this mixture to the face and allow to dry for a few minutes. Rinse with clear water and apply the usual moisturizer. It is recommended to apply this mask once a week.

The baking soda helps tighten the pores thanks to its astringent principle. In addition, it deeply cleanses the skin and removes dead cells.

Cucumber, lemon and rose water

Peel a cucumber and grate the flesh, add a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of rose water and mix. Put this mixture in a clean cloth (linen) pocket or sterile gauze and massage the face with circular movements. Leave to act for a few minutes before rinsing with clear water. Apply this mixture on clean skin twice a week.


The cucumber has a purifying property, it is a vegetable rich in water that cleanses the skin and regenerates the cells efficiently. It combats impurities and promotes the absorption of the excess sebum responsible for the dilation of the pores. 
However, it is not advisable to expose yourself to the sun just after having recourse to this trick because the lemon is photo-sensitizing.

Tomato and Lime Juice

Peel a tomato and dice it; Put them in a blender to get a juice then insert a few drops of lime juice. Soak a cotton of this mixture and apply on face previously cleaned. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water. Apply the moisturizer as usual.

Rich in water, the tomato contains vitamins (A, B and C), minerals (potassium, magnesium and sodium) and antioxidants that allow a soft and radiant skin. The light acidity of the tomato juice allows to regulate the secretion of sebum and to tighten the dilated pores.

As for the lime, it is not only antiseptic but also astringent, which allows to tighten the skin and remove the impurities.
As mentioned above, avoid exposing yourself to sunlight after applying this mixture.

Almonds and Lime Juice

Mix 1 tablespoon almond powder and a few drops of lime juice to obtain a paste. Apply to a clean face and leave to act for about 15 minutes before rinsing with clear water. Use this mask once or twice a week.

Rich in vitamins (A, B and E) and minerals (phosphorus, iron and magnesium), the almonds lead the regeneration of cells in the body, nourish the skin and make it soft.
Following the photo-sensitizing action of lemon, do not expose yourself to the sun after applying this mask.

Pineapple and lemon juice

Mix ½ cup pineapple juice with 1/2 lemon juice and soak a clean towel. Place on face cleaned for 5 minutes and rinse with clear water. Apply 1 time per week.

Pineapple is beneficial to the skin through an enzyme it contains, bromelain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calm skin irritations and improve elasticity.

As for lemon juice, its acidity strengthens the skin and tightens the dilated pores.



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