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REVEALED: Here’re The 5 Reasons Why Independent African Women Scare Men

You are beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring. A beautiful girl with a golden heart and more, excellent hostess, ambitious and financially independent. The very definition of the perfect girlfriend. But despite these qualities you are single. The total misunderstanding! So why is it an independent woman so afraid? We will try to respond by 5 points.

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1. Know what you want!

Sure of yourself and your worth, you’re not ready to hand requirements down. Looking for a man willing to understand your lifestyle and above all to respect it. Unfortunately it is not at all street corners. Organized as careerist, there is no room for a nearly. You’ve built the life you want and you work very hard to keep it that way. This can be very impressive for a man who is going to be equally determined if not more than you do to seduce you and reassure you.

2. You do not need a man

You want a fulfilling relationship, but not need a ball. You’re a strong woman who is not afraid to be alone, what makes you intransigent because you can afford it. Men tend to interpret it wrongly, as extra pressure. He said he has no room for error. And he’s right! But that does not mean you’re not a patient woman, but just that it will have to adapt and rise to the occasion.

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3. You have no time to lose

Looking to exchange and not to educate. You manage your life with an iron hand since you have your own business or at least you try to build it. Your ambitions you take a long time and are looking for a man who shares the same values as you. And you do not have time to immaturity, and dramas of all kinds. A small player, very little for you. Sure it eliminates a lot of contenders from the start, but it’s for a good cause.


4. It is more difficult to sell you the dream (or wind)

You know that nothing comes nothing. So the promises that have neither head nor tail, you see them coming.Conclusion: more difficult to seduce you. He sees a woman who wakes up every morning to be a better version of itself. A woman who aspires to live those dreams and not to dream of a life that is not his.

5. You’re financially independent

Totally autonomous. He sees you as a war machine. You have a life plan for 5 or even the next 10 years of your life, financial stability. Looking for a man with whom to have intelligent discussions and exchange ideas. Even if you need to feel that your man cares for you, he is able to take on the daily and family, you’re not looking for a man to pay your bills at checkout major stores. You want a real man with a sense of values and able to take daily by your side. Beware also not to keep a man leave by wear your comfortable financial situation. From the beginning to be clear, let it unfold and observe his attitude. If he is struggling to get out the credit card when you spend time with 2 or excuse if he lost his wallet still in 3rd appointment: NEXT! We are not materialistic but there are limits.

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An independent woman is a WONDER WOMAN, she scares men little about them and lack of esteem for themselves.It is certainly more difficult for a man to find his place in the side relationship to a woman who is financially independent and who remains a good housewife and will strive to be a great mom. It will take you down to a real man, who will see that you remain a woman like any other. With your fears and your sensibilities. After this step, it will be in awe of this exceptional woman that you are.


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