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Revealed: Four (4) Popular Stars And The Surprising Family Conflicts They Faced

The stars are famous for often finding themselves in complicated stories, it’s no secret. Generally what we hear about is their romance lives that are beating all day long. If Angelina Jolie does not ask Brad Pitt for divorce, it is Selena Gomez who puts an end to her romance with rose water with her “roméo”. Beyond these conflicts of romance are family wars that rarely make the Unes of the media people. Let’s discover together the stories of family conflicts faced by these very popular stars.

1-Laeticia Hallyday and her beautiful sons

Johnny Hallyday before his death bequeathed all his property to his wife Laeticia Hallyday, but since the burial, children from his first marriage, David and Laura refuse to accept the last wish of their late father. They continue to sue the widow claiming that she wants to steal what belongs to them. They are far from signing package and this case is a media hype.

2-Angelina Jolie and her father

Angelina Jolie’s dad did not see his daughter growing up. He has deserted the home since the childhood of the actress and today he pays dearly. Even though things are slowly improving between father and daughter, dad will always have that weight on his conscience


3-Selena Gomez and her mother

Singer Selena Gomez has been in cold war with her mom since she decided to resume her relationship with Justin Bieber. Thing that his mother is fighting. Selena’s mother refuses to endorse this relationship because she finds her daughter older than Justin. The singer tried in vain to make her mother listen to reason, which led to a breakup of the two lovebirds last week.

4-Eminen and his mother

A mother who brings her son to justice and claims a fortune because the latter would have made defamatory remarks against him is the world upside down. The height, this story exists well and happened between the rapper Eminem and his mother. This mother claimed $ 11 million from her son because he insulted her and the rapper still does not digest this act.


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