REVEALED: Cucumber Builds Skin Cells in Human Body – Expert Says

Cucumber is an edible vegetable fruit which comes from the cucumber plant and belongs to the same plant family of water melon and can be eaten raw or cooked.

Mrs Adanna Oluebube, a Nutritionist at the National Hospital, Abuja, said cucumber can serve as a healthy diet in building up skin cells and removal of toxic waste from the human body.

“True beauty comes from the inside, the consumption and application of cucumber helps hydrate the skin and provides healthy skin cells, nails as well as hair,’’ she said. Oluebube explained that health and beauty of the skin depended on the purity of the blood than on the application of cosmetic products.

She stated that slices of cucumber placed on the eyes could help in reducing swellings, puffiness and tiredness around the eyes after a long day work. The expert explained that the skin absorbed water from the cucumber into the skin leaving it smooth and soft. She stated that the consumption of cucumber cleansed the blood stream from toxic waste, keeps the skin hydrated and regulates the body’s inner temperature.


The nutritionist noted that cucumber could help support digestive health with a high water content of 95 per cent and fibre which facilitate the movement of facieses through the intestine. She added that regular consumption of cucumber managed stress with multiple vitamin B content.

She said that it could help ease feelings of anxiety and further eliminate waste substances from the blood stream through the urine or skin. According to her, cucumber relives the skin of sunburn and mild skin irritation, saying that it could also be prepared as juice. She recommended local application of the vegetable to people with skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis, among others, by applying it naturally on the affected part of the skin.

On the health benefits of lime and lemon, Oluebube said both could be used as cleanser for beauty therapy recommended for oily skin. She said that it could be used as a preventive measure against pimples and acnes.

Oluebube stated that lime and lemon juice could be taken first in the morning before breakfast. She said it cleanses the intestine and reduces the sugar level in the body as well as weight reduction.

However, Oluebube cautioned ulcer patients not to drink lime juice in an empty stomach, as it could cause burning sensation, but could make fruit salad having a mix of varieties of fruits.



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