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Revealed: Angelina Jolie’s Dermatologist Unveils the Secret of Her Beautiful Skin

Angelina Jolie is one of the stars who, it must be admitted, have perfect skin … or almost! With a luminous complexion marked by chiseled features. Angelina Jolie knows how to take care of her skin. Although she inherited the beauty of her mother, she also knows how to adopt the good reflexes of beauty, informs her dermatologist Dr. Rhonda Rand.

Perfect skin, 42 years old!

Revelation: Angelina Jolie's dermatologist unveils the secret of her beautiful skin

Despite her 42 years, Angelina Jolie is not jealous of minettes, breathtaking skin. Thus, she knows how to keep her place among the celebrities of the red carpet who turn their heads.

Do not be surprised if she was chosen as a muse by Guerlain, for her latest perfume. For Dr. Rhonda Rand, who has been following her since adolescence, to have perfect skin like Angi’s, one would have to know the basics. Here, you discover some of the secrets of the star, who has agreed to his dermatologist to disclose.

Stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun …

Revelation: Angelina Jolie's dermatologist unveils the secret of her beautiful skin


For those with white skin, protection from the sun is necessary. “It comes down to sun protection, proper cleaning with a mild product, antioxidants, glycolic acids from time to time and natural products,” says the dermatologist.

In addition, Rhonda Rand informs that her patient does not do too much. “She is lucky, she has inherited the beautiful skin of her mother. She has always been a natural beauty, so she never needed to do too much. ”

Reference products made by her dermatologist

Revelation: Angelina Jolie's dermatologist unveils the secret of her beautiful skin

Compared to the products used by Angelina Jolie, the dermatologist unveils Dermbasics RR Perfection Cream and Dermbasics Glycolic Acid Pads 20%, which she does herself.

In her filming, Angi does not hesitate to take them around the world, according to her dermato. It’s all-in-one that combines sun protection, hydration and stimulation of collagen production. Are you wondering the price of these miracle products? Well count between 40 and 50 euros, about 26,500 and 33,000 CFA.


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