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REVEALED: 8 Benefits That The Consumption Of Tamarind Give You!!

Named after the date-tree of India, tamarind is the fruit of the tamarind tree. Depending on the degree of maturity of the tree, tamarind can have sweet, acid or very sharp nuances. Here are 8 good reasons for your health to use and consume tamarind.

1.Solving digestive problems

Very rich in tartaric acid and potassium, tamarind is thus a mild laxative. Also, the consumption of this fruit is recommended to people suffering from digestive disorders especially chronic constipation. Also rich in fiber, tamarind effectively protects the digestive system and facilitates intestinal transit.

2. Effective against infections

Consumed as an infusion, in the form of a refreshing or cooked drink (soup or salad), tamarind is effective to cure many infections including urinary disorders such as cystitis. Also, it allows to fight against the affections of the skin and the wounds. Indeed, the tamarind makes it possible to neutralize the bacteria at the origin of the cutaneous problems.


3.Excellent for the hepatic system

The daily consumption of tamarind helps to cleanse vital organs such as the liver and kidneys.


4.Fight Against Aging

The composition in tannins of the tamarind and more particularly of its bark makes a natural astringent. It is also very rich in vitamins including vitamin C and antioxidants .


5. Good for dental flare of infants

Tamarind is ideal for relieving painful inflammations due to dental flare in children. Try the tamarind by gently applying a few drops of a warm infusion to the gums. Tamarind is therefore recommended for the treatment of gingivitis and aphthae in the form of mouthwashes.


6.Control of respiratory problems

In phytotherapy, tamarind is used to treat bronchitis. Indeed, it allows to release the bronchiand facilitates the breathing. In addition, taken in infusion, it helps in the cure of sore throat.


7.It reduces nausea in pregnant women

Tamarind acts as a powerful anti-emetic. For this, it is enough that the pregnant woman sucks every morning a few seeds of tamarind as long as possible. Tamarind also has a reputation for stimulating appetite.


8.Recommended for hypertension and diabetes

The consumption of tamarind leaves has the particularity of reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and of regulating the blood pressure. Also these sheets would reduce blood glucose levels. For this, their consumption is recommended for people with diabetes or with predispositions to diabetes.

That said , it is best to refer to your doctor to make sure that this does not pose any risk to your health and to what extent you can consume it.


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