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REVEALED: 5 Wicked Things African Women Do To Punish Their Husbands Without Them Realizing It!!

African women have their own ways of avenging themselves of their husbands. Unlike men who respond spontaneously, some women go calmly when they want to settle accounts. This calm very often produces disagreeable results which one does not forget immediately. In this article we draw up a list of 5 wicked things that African women and women generally do to punish their husbands after bad behavior.

  • They prepare the gentleman’s favorite sauce and add enough hot pepper when they know very well that he does not like hot pepper

It’s a secret they’ve held for ages. They know very well that man does not like chilli but to punish him for his bad behavior, they go so far as to do that. In addition, they make him his favorite sauce. Afterwards to justify themselves, they tell him that they did not do on purpose.

  • She excites sir from a distance and when he asks her, she finds an excuse

She decides that day to wear a garment before which her husband can not remain insensitive. If she is not used to applying make-up when she is at home, she will do it only to excite it. And when the husband can not take any more and wants to take action, she finds an excuse and escapes.

  • She takes on a garment that he loves and pretends not to have done on purpose

To take revenge on her husband, she takes one of his shirts, prefers and cuts buttons or tears it so that he is obliged in spite of himself to get rid of the shirt. Then she simply says that it happened when she put the clothes together to wash them, or while she was ironing.

  • She claims to have forgotten to send to the pressing the costume which it must absolutely wear the following day

Nothing of the kind to embarrass and anger her husband. This costume, it must absolutely wear it the next day for an important appointment. He asked her to send him to the dry cleaner, but when he came back in the evening, she told him that she had completely forgotten.

  • She decides not to dine under the pretext that she is sick

The husband goes home very hungry work thinking about the dish that his beloved wife concocted. To her surprise, she did nothing. He finds her lying because she is sick, according to her.

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