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REVEALED: 30 Million Africans Could Arrive In Europe In Ten Years According To The President Of The European Parliament!

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani stressed the need to invest in Africa to prevent tens of millions of immigrants from coming to Europe to seek refuge. The terrorist threat was also raised.

Asked by the German newspaper Die Welt about the migratory crisis and the flow of African asylum seekers who are trying to rally Europe, Antonio Tajani called on the European Union “to invest billions [in Africa] and develop a Long-term strategy “.

“Africa is in a dramatic situation” and “if we can not solve the central problems of African countries, 10, 20 or even 30 million immigrants will arrive in Europe within ten years, “He warned.


Especially since “the Islamic State seeks to bring terrorists with the refugees,” he added. Daesh told the jihadists that “it is now easy to carry out an attack in a European state with a knife or a car,” he said.

Antonio Tajani expressed his support for the establishment on African soil of “reception camps under the protection of the UN and European armed forces”, a kind of “provisional cities with hospitals and infrastructures for children where People will be able to live on a temporary basis “.

After the closure of the Balkan migratory route in March 2016, Europeans want to tackle the headache of the central Mediterranean but are confronted by the reluctance of their African partners and the lack of contacts in Libya, Migrants, many of whom perish at sea.

According to the Spanish NGO Pro-Activa Open Arms, about 250 African migrants died in the sinking of two inflatable canoes drafted on 23 March off Libya.


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