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Return of Laurent Gbagbo to Ivory Coast: Konan Bedie Reassures the Parents of the Ex-president

The land chiefs of Mama, the hometown of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo visited Henri Konan Bédié. During their exchange, they did not hide their concern about the situation of their son Laurent Gbagbo released by the International Criminal Court but still kept out of the land of his fathers.

In his communication, President Bédié said that he visited Laurent Gbagbo some time ago in Brussels. A visit which aimed to reconcile the two politicians.

Konan Bedié took the opportunity to remind his hosts that when he was in power, he did not wage war against the opponents unlike the Ouattara regime:

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”  During all this time, we used to leave those who were in opposition quiet and when there were serious problems, we called them to discuss and see what solution we could find. Today you see that is no longer the case. Those in power no longer speak with the opposition. If they speak with the opposition, it is a dialogue of the deaf. All they do is for their parents, their families,  ”said President Bédié.

In turn, Joseoh Goli Ogou, Mama’s central chief and spokesperson for the delegation, welcomed the reconciliation process carried out by Konan Bedié: “  He went to see my son Laurent Gbagbo in Brussels so that they could talk about reconciliation in our country and I thank him for that. I am sure my son will be in Côte d’Ivoire,  ”said Mama’s central chief.

Finally, Konan Bedié reassured the parents of Laurent Gbagbo that he is actively working for the ex-president and Blé Goudé to return to the country: “  We want to change this so that Gbagbo and Blé Goudé can return to their homes, to their village in Ivory Coast on their native land to work together with us and all Ivorians  ”, explained Bédié. 



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