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Return Home: These Are The 5 Reasons Diezani Alison-Madueke Is Desperate To Come Home And Evade UK Court Trial

The arguments against the previous minister are sufficient to keep a nation legal framework occupied for an entire year.

Diezani Alison-Madueke is as of now  in London in the wake of being captured regarding a British  debasement and illegal tax avoidance


For a man whose many partners are as of now experiencing trial for debasement related cases in the nation, it is somewhat not for the love of the nation but rather might be an approach to get away from the organized criminal equity arrangement of the United Kingdom.

At display, Mrs Diezani is on safeguard in the UK for tax evasion and other monetary violations offense. Already scared she may not Scot free.

With the assurance of thorough investigations by the UK police and the possibility of eventual conviction by the UK courts, the best strategy for her is to come back to Nigeria where she is relatively sure of a chance to buy her freedom.

These Are the reasons below

1.    Opportunity to buy judgment

The corruption level in the Nigerian judicial system has been noted as endemic. With enough financial warchest, judgment can be bought at any level of the judicial structure, including the Supreme Court.

She might be trying to repeat the Ibori judicial escapade, as it is sure some manipulations can be done.

If Diezani’s cases are to be tried in Nigeria, we can be rest assured that she will be capable of buying her way through the system.

2.    Poor handling of investigation and prosecution by the Police or EFCC

One of the most vital reasons she might have opted for Nigeria is that security agencies are renowned for their poor investigation before prosecution. Thus, leading to many criminal cases being struck out and many perceived criminals going scot-free.


To Diezani and her lawyers, they are sure the above scenario would also play out, as corruption cases previously handled by the anti-graft agencies have suffered the same fate.

Nigerians were shocked as the same offences Mr James Ibori was discharged off by a Nigerian court, are same he pleaded guilty to in a UK court.

3.    With 10 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs), her freedom can be secured

One of the best ways of evading justice in Nigeria is seeking the services of senior members of the legal profession in Nigeria.

Though, it comes at a huge financial cost but getting such service would most surely tilt the case in your favour.

Having observed the validity of this scenario, Diezani is sure to posses the financial strength needed to hire some SANs to her side. Hence, any case by the Federal government or EFCC is sure won before its commencement in court.

4.    Indefiniteness and poor Criminal justice system in Nigeria

The indefinite trial time of criminal cases in Nigeria may have been one of the factors that made Mrs Diezani chose a Nigerian court over that of the UK.

To Diezani and her lawyers, securing her bail would be the first task to achieve. While she enjoys the timelessness that comes with criminal cases in the country.

For Diezani, coming to Nigeria is a sure way of walking free and engaging in many activities.

5.    Opportunity for Political interference of the case in Nigeria

Just like other high-profile corruption cases in Nigeria, it is sure that Diezani would deploy political mechanization and ethnic sentiments to mount pressure on the government to drop the case against her. For any corruption case, political and ethnic cards are best potent tools that are deployed which are never an option in a UK court.


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