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Researchers Establish the Secret of a Happy Marriage

Does family income affect marriage? Apparently yes, according to scientists. But their conclusions are confusing, because, according to specialists, the less the couple wins, the happier he is.


Spouses who earn less than $ 60,000 a year are happier than those with higher incomes, researchers at Georgia State University said, reports The Daily Mail.

According to Ben Kail, assistant professor of sociology at Georgia State University, they analyzed the interrelationships between marriage, income and depression.

“We have discovered the beneficial effects of a marriage on depression for people with average or low incomes. In particular, people who are married and earn less than $ 60,000 a year experience fewer symptoms of depression, “said Ben Kail.

Specialists looked at data from the Americans’ Changing Lives Survey, which includes surveys of more than 3,500 people aged 24 to 89 in the United States.


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